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We sit and watch umbrellas fly
I’m trying to keep my newspaper dry
I hear myself say, “My boat’s leaving now”
So we shake h...Manhattan Skyline (LIVE IN ROCK IN RIO II 1991) / a-haWWW.SOM13.COM.BR

Keep your clever lines
Hold your easy rhymes
Silence everything
Silence always wins
It's a perfect alibi
There's no need to analyze
It wil...
Foot Of The Mountain / a-haWWW.SOM13.COM.BR
"Night I left the city,
I dreamt of a wolf..."

He came from where the winds are cold
And truth is seen through keyholes
Strange longings t...
Cry Wof / a-haWWW.SOM13.COM.BR
1,2,3,4 Celice
It\'s in the way you hurt me
Celice I know that I\'m alive

Open up inside
Make me want you
Make me want to
Wrap yourself aro...
Celice / a-haWWW.SOM13.COM.BR
My wings are clipped
See the steps that made my trip
Now I?m so lonely

Time?s frozen flame
seem to linger in the rain
Out Of Blue Comes Green / a-haWWW.SOM13.COM.BR
To hold me closer or set me free
To trust completely or let it be
You don't know my destiny
You can't see what I can see

Hey - I wish I car...
I Wish I Cared / a-haWWW.SOM13.COM.BR

It's time we said goodbye
Time now to decide
Oh don't you feel so small
Dark is the night for all

It's time we moved out Wes...Dark is The Night / a-haWWW.SOM13.COM.BR

Butterfly, butterfly
Flying into the wind
You can be sure of it
That's no place to begin

A-Ha - Butterfly Butterfly (The Last Hurrah) / a-haWWW.SOM13.COM.BR
The sunlight hits the corner of your eye
As it bounces off the morning sky
The summer in the 70s fly by
Daylight hits the corners of...
Afternoon High / a-haWWW.SOM13.COM.BR
Please don't hurt me
I have told you
All my love is all i've got

And tomorrow is the day
When I for your sake
I'm coming back
And you tell m...
And You Tell Me / a-haWWW.SOM13.COM.BR
Angel, angel or so
Wherever you may go
Hmmm, yeah?
I'll follow
Wherever you may go

And always will I be there
Shake worries from your hair
Angel In The Snow / a-haWWW.SOM13.COM.BR
I used to be so sensible on my own
Now I'm so sensitive it's a joke
I'm getting by on decibels like a drug
And greet every brand
New day...
Barely Hanging On / a-haWWW.SOM13.COM.BR
Something you should know
This can't wait
I've been meaning to tell you
A long time ago
And today's that day
I'll put it straight
No, ...
Between Your Mama And Yourself / a-haWWW.SOM13.COM.BR
I?ll never let you see
The way my broken heart is hurting in me
I?ve got my pride and I know how to hide
All my sorrow and pain
I?ll do my c...
Crying In The Rain / a-haWWW.SOM13.COM.BR
Here I am
And within the reach of my hands
She sounds asleep and she's sweeter now
Than the wildest dream could have seen her
And I Watch he...
Hunting High And Low / a-haWWW.SOM13.COM.BR
I´m talking away
I don't know what
I'm to say I'll say it anyway
Today's another day to find you
Shying away
I'll be coming for your love, O...
Take On Me / a-haWWW.SOM13.COM.BR
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