Beyond Tomorrow

Beyond Tomorrow (Letra)
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Life has led me here
A unity of facts and chances
That i could not predict

Reality is free
From all our vague human ambitions
Indifferent to our dreams

Why am i to know what no one knew?

Where is the end?
I ask myself
Is it only an illusion?
And is ask myself
Is it all to real?
I ask myself
What's beyond tomorrow?
Then just ask yourself
Can you let go of hate?

We've turned into machines
You are not supposed to question
Rules by which you live

We're offered every day
Uncertainty is not accepted
Reason is betrayed

No matter what you see
You are not supposed to question
The rules by which you live

Reality is free
When circumstance is not accepted
Reason is the key

How should i know all the secrets?
All the lies that try to fool me
How can i uncover all the truth?


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