Me & Mr. Jones (Letra)
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Nobody stands in between me and my man, it's me
and Mr.Jones (Me and Mr.Jones)

What kind of fuckery is this?
You made me miss the Slick Rick gig (oh Slick Rick)
You thought I didn't love you when I did (when I did)
Can't believe you played me out like that (Ahhh)

No you ain't worth guest list
Plus one of all them girls you kiss (all them girls)
You can't keep lying to yourself like this (to yourself)
Can't believe you played yourself (out) like this

Rulers one thing but come Brixton
Nobody stands in between me and my man
'Cause it's me and Mr Jones (Me and Mr Jones)

What kind of fuckery are we?
Nowadays you don't mean dick to me (dick to me)
I might let you make it up to me (make it up)
Who's playing Saturday?

What kind of fuckery are you?
Side from Sammy you're my best black Jew
But I could swear that we were through (we were through)
I still want to wonder 'bout the things you do

Mr Destiny 9 and 14
Nobody stands in between me and my man
'Cause it's Me and Mr.Jones (Me and Mr.Jones).

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