Deus Le Volt!

Deus Le Volt! (Letra)
Compositor: Kiko Loureiro
This record describes ? in few words ? the saga
of a knight crusader known as The Shadow Hunter,
who joins the army of the Pope on the late XI
century. During his saga, his mind is often
perplexed by the antagonism of the Holy War and
afflicted by visions that conflict with his
devotion to the Church.

The beginning of the second millennium has a lot
in common with our times. The world was rapidly
changing. The Roman Empire?s sovereignty was
succumbing to the rising power of Muslims,
Jewels, Christians and pagan conquerors. As the
Roman domain was falling apart, local wars were
frequent and the domination of the territories
changed on almost every decade. For different
reasons, these uprisings groups wanted to rule
Jerusalem (so-called Holy Land for the three
main religious nations and a very important
commercial center).

The cities in Europe and in the Minor Asia have
become very populated

da Música (Deus Le Volt!)

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