Le Fudez Vouz Tradução

Banda Mel - Sucessos da Banda Mel
Maker of alum io io
Cachaça has every day
hillbilly comes from Angola
has the face of Bahia

It jambo, jambo, jambo
There Mandingo
Shake moves
Bunda le le
Scrub, scrub
In our swings
Rendez vous
La société
Only those who have a mother in the swamp
She did not dance
Afraid to reveal
His inheritance
The thin thin here
Holds in France
Alons ensantos
There patrie
Balance belly

Le fudez vouz
petit Poui
bum bum xoxo
Cabinet woman lady
It has a tie and jacket

It mixet saramussum
Has powder Exu
is on the wane
your Calundu
It hurt when you have nothing to eat
And firewood
When you only have love to give
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