Não Amo Ninguem Tradução

Barão Vermelho - Maior Abandonado
Yesterday I went to sleep curled up
Grabbing a four pillows
Crying softly, softly, baby
For neither God nor I hear
Making party in myself
As a baby, to sleep

I dreamed I fell from the twentieth floor
And would not die
Earned three million and half dollars
The lottery
And you told me with a tender voice, full of malice
I wanted to lifetime

Hardly woke up because I ran
With your face in the frame
I do not know why that morning
Every morning seems a delivery
Who knows, after a slap
Today I'm gonna solve this puzzle

If every one who loves
Loves to be matched
If all someone I love
It is like loving the moon inaccessible
I just do not love anybody
I do not love anybody
I do not love nobody, it seems incredible
I do not love anybody
And it's only love that I breathe
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