Zé Fofinho de Ogum Tradução

Bezerra Da Silva - Meu Bom Juiz
Zé cute Ogun
It was a tremendous one hundred seventy-one

It said the shells were talking
All he wanted to know
Since the time of birth
By the time of her death

Tied woman tamed her husband
Ze only missing was make it rain

And the wife of the delegate astonish
He took a lot
To tell the doctor walked him cheating
And she thought he was good

A beautiful image of St
On his back, well tattooed
Ze with a chat-dog dog
He said the body had closed

And when soiled general
He was not the Holy warned
Suddenly painted the pocket
Ze was zero to zero with the delegate

The doctor relied far
Cried the chorus will eat

Take off your clothes trickster
And beat up the horse race
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