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Biquini Cavadão - Biquini Cavadao - Sem Limite
Blessed are those who love this disorder
We came in tow, this world is a big shock
But we are not of this world
Of cities in flood
People in power

To err is human
It depends on who makes mistakes
Hope for life
Living out of war (4)

We came prepared for lunch soldiers
We were late, gone to the city before us
Even so, just forget it for another day
Turning on bodywork, everything in our power

No more hard way no more No war spree
Who never talks fail soft misses you play the 1st stone
Here on earth worm gets you my reasoning is violent processed
mado rationing
But talent is my way of playing cuts light camera cuts still in action
Taking advantage of our freedom of expression
Renato Russo, I Suave and Bikini Cavadão

We have come to spread discord
Win many victories, winning many defeats
Blessed are all who fall into moratorium
Blessed are the masters of progress
Blessed are those masters of return
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