Slipping Away (Letra)
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Oh, slipping away
Just a heartbeat from disaster
Nothing could make me stay
Close your eyes and I'll be gone
Turn the page, yeah
Time to start another story
Slipping away, slipping away
Time to move along
No reason to stay

Oh, when I'm slipping away
Take a look at yourself
You've been running in a circle
Round and round you go
You're a start without an end
Start a new life, yeah
From the city of the gypsies
Breaking away, slipping away
Right behind the clown

Slipping away
Slipping away
Nobody to pay
Look out, 'cause I'm slipping away

Rocking the glass
I won't leave you my reflection
A future without a past
No more road to take me back
Come if you will, yeah
Just don't question my direction
Breaking away, slipping away
We can find the sun

Slipping away
Slipping away
Got nobody to pay
So, and you're slippin' away
No more running in a circle
It's time to move along
Round, round, round we go
A start without an end
So I'm slipping away
Slipping away

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