Any Other Day

Any Other Day (Letra)
The alarm clock rings its 6:45
Must have hit that snooze button least three times
I'm wishing this morning was still last night
On any other day, just might wanna die

Traffic packed up twenty miles to the east
Must have heated the damned red light on the street
The weatherman says it's gonna rain for a week
Hey, what can you do?

On any other day I'd be blue eyes crying
I can tell the world that at least I'm trying
The cloud is breaking, the sun is shining new for me and you
On any other day I might just go crazy
The grace of knowin' that you're gonna save me
Maybe luck and love can pull us through

On any other day I might just stay in bed
Sit down in a sea of blankets pull em up over my head
Catch a beer buzz in the morning just to get a little edge
Then maybe just get up in time to do it all again
Hey, I like where this it's going, yeah,
cause I know where it's been

Alarm clock rings, it's 6:45
I like waking up with you on my mind
Knowing that your saving me one more time


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