Deus Nos Surpreende Tradução

Bruna Karla - Alegria Real
God always has an answer for everything, for everyone
Through a silence the expression of a sense
He surprises us with His ways of acting
Giving forgiveness that His Son with a spear smote

Gave us the right to life, leading to death the Beloved Son
Makes barren woman giving birth, a Samaritan love Jesus
It took Joshua to conquer the city promised
Even as God lives to surprise us

God surprises us, when man thinks just
He says just begun, unsearchable are his thoughts for us
God surprises us is teaching Doctor boy
Prisoner governor makes, every twenty-four hours
He surprises us

He lives in the highest heaven, in a second meets a faithful
His gaze travels the world first of all first loved us
In his hand the book of the answer, is the one who gives victory
Changes throughout a trajectory to his surprise a servo
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