Favo de mel Tradução

Bruno e Marrone - Bruno & Marrone - Vol. 2
Intro: E
Solo: E B7 E

Called you to test your love
And I changed my voice at that moment
A B7 G # m C # m I told you about things that move and move the heart
F # m B7
I insisted to meet you to tell you that passion
But you told me so decided
The B7 E
Who had in his life another man
A B7 G # m C # m Told me that he is the greatest love the world
F # m B7 E B7
Said it all and just showed my name
E B7 AE B7
You my Honeycomb piece of heaven in my heart
E B7 A
You, you, my ray of light, the light that leads
B7 E
Our passion

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