god hates fags but I hate god so much more
glorified bigotry holds all judged by puerile laws
shoved so far up my ass and down my choked up throat
your brainless lifeless spineless dogma
that vomits from that worthless book
I don't give a holy fuck who fucking fucks fucking
who it's not my life so I don't care
I won't be part of your witch hunt
I hate being told just who to hate
who you think should burn in hell
who's supposed to lack a soul
and who's the spawn of fuck knows what
next time I nail you to the ground
acquaint you with my excrement
I shit on god's fascist face and redefine the word disgrace
so called moral crusader
but you're the only one the perverted fuckfreak here
obsessing over who's putting it inside who now tell me
who's the one that's acting like a queer
I'll never be of your ranks or sanction your prejudice
it's time to stamp out god and put a stop to ignorance
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