Dias de Luta, Dias de Glória Tradução

Charlie Brown Jr. - Imunidade Musical
Fight Day, Days of Glory (Lyrics)
Fight Day, Days of Glory

Singing my life with pride

In my life everything happens
But the more you thin, the more we grow
Today I am happy because I dreamed about you
And tomorrow I cry because I can not see you
But his smile is worth more than a diamond
If you come with me, then we go ahead
With your head up and keeping faith in God
Your happiest day will be the same as mine
Life has taught me to never give up
Neither gain nor lose but seek evolve
I can take everything I have
I just can not take the good things I've ever done
who I love
And I'm happy, and the universe is singing a song and
I'm going to

History, our stories
Fighting days, glory days 4x

Oh my cat, home of my dreams
Every day, if I could I would be with you
Have seen you before in my dreams too
I searched my whole life for someone like you
So I sing my life with pride
With melody, joy and noise
I am happy and squeegee the world
I'm running around but I'm also bum
But today I value truth for my health,
for my freedom
Good to find this city
This reminds me of you glare

History, our stories
Fighting days, glory days 4x

Today I am happy, I woke up on the right foot
And I'll do it again, I'll do very well done
Tune, telepathy, communication by cortex boom bye bye

Fight Day, Days of Glory (Lyrics)
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