O Sol Tradução

Chimarruts - Chimarruts - ao vivo
Hello, my friend
The sun had been agreed
The soul is renewed
A new day has awakened

Dawned a beautiful day
Of pure joy
In the tree the birds sing,
The clouds in the sky dance

The beautiful blue sky
Now you can see
And in perfect timing
The moon will hide

Some are privileged
And agree to work
But other as desperate
When will this change?

Are signs of a new day
But you say you are normal
Do not let your life
The day is always the same

Because the sun has arrived
You woke up
Came to light
Today is a new day
For those who want change
If there is faith
In your life
There's faith in his heart
The sun will send you
His good vibrations
Chimarruts Haga mufh
Will show you
That between heaven and earth
The firmament is you
Have faith in your life
In the peace of your love
Well now it is another day
And the sun had been agreed

Yeah, I just want to say
Love, peace, happiness!
Yeah I just want to say to you:
Love, peace, happiness
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