The Prophet (Letra)
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I'm here to tear down everything around you,
And you know what i'm going to replace it with?
God. the world of god.
So take your bread and give it to the poor.
What difference does it matter what you own?
You have gold and silver it's going to rot,
And that rot is going to eat away your heart.
All of you. there will be a flood and there will be a fire.
Everything will be destroyed.
But there will be a new ark riding on that fire and i hold the keys,
And i open the door, and i decide who goes in and who doesn't.

You think god will answer only to you?
He doesn't.
God´s an immortal spirit who belongs to everybody - to the whole world.
You think your special?
God is not an israelite.
In the desert the baptists warned us, god is coming.
But i'm telling you it's too late.
He's already here.
I'm here.
And i'm going to baptize everybody... with fire!

Come with me...

In the name of the prophet,
In the name of jerimiah, the father,
In the name of the most holy...

I call you here!

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