A Ovelha Tradução

Daniel & Samuel - A Ovelha
If anyone out there has seen a sheep
Desgarrada walking alone, please teach it to come back
I am looking for
This is my sheep
I'm with my feet hurt to walk looking for her
I face any situation because in my heart
There is still a place that is it

This sheep moved away from here
Simply left his seat
I know she was there to cry and sobs shivering
I can not let it die
Without at least say that I want you here
I have great affection and love
Listen here please add sheep to me

If this happened sheep are injured, lying on the floor
And you find it so
A favor to me
He extends his hand
Take her arms and take care
You can do this I know
Whatever you spend when I find you
More than twice I will pay

This sheep is you brother away from communion
The ways of God
And Jesus is the faithful shepherd who with his great love
I still have not forgotten
It's about time you leave this world and back
Into the arms of Christ
He has to give you forgiveness
And the sky will be your name written
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