Ele Vê Tradução

Daniel & Samuel - Eu e Jesus
He sees
Things that man can never see
And what will still happen
He can avoid

He has authority as anyone has
If the enemy someone chains
He can hold

Nobody loves like that God can love
Nobody goes where he is able to enter
There is nothing in this world
He can not see

He knows reveal what was hidden
He knows how to find what he loses
He is God and like Him there is no other God

The burning fire
That ignites everything
Does the evil out
That burns disease
And it does go away
The altar of His people is fire

He is also water
It is the source of life for those who want to drink
Does the seat of the soul away
Who drink this water can get in the sky

He sees everything
All can hear
And with His power
Pour fire here!
Is fire here
It holy fire here
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