Meu Reino Encantado

I was born in a corner happy
Far away from the village
Was where I lived many years
With mom dad and brothers
Our house was a big house
On the side of a ridge
A surrounded pra save calf
And beside a large mangueirão
In the backyard had a wood oven
And an orchard where the birds sang
A covered pra save the pestle
And traias Dad wore
In the morning I was in the barn
An ear of corn I picked up
Debuiava and played on the floor
In an instant the chickens were annexed
Our oxcart preserved
Four yoke of oxen first
Four yokes sixteen tired
Leaning against the foot of the tree
Every Saturday I was in the village
Shopping for an entire week
Dad was shouting at the oxen
I was in front by opening the gates
Our site which was small
Surrounded by large farms
We need to sell the property
For a great breeder
And depart for the big city
The nostalgia came to me
The crop turned colonião
And it's over my enchanted kingdom
Today there exists only three things
That time has not ended
The old shack collapsed
And the fig tree waving at me
And last marked nostalgia
From a good time that is gone
Forgotten beneath the tree
Our old ox cart
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