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Djavan - Djavan Ao Vivo
I'm so lost in my thoughts
Far it's been my days in peace
Today with the moonlight shining
I see that I feel for you is more

When I saw you, it was almost love
You've accelerated, accelerated, unlike me
Came to me, gave me one of those signs
After slowed and I was much more

Always wait for you, when you arrive
I dream of your arms to sleep, rest
Come and life is good for you
Soon it is for us to love more

Many more lost nearly one guy won
At the mercy of friends or something like that
You send me, and that you deserve
'inda me appears in miniskirts

Seriously, what I do, I love you
Nothing that is you in me is gone
Even without knowing your last name
I believe that love is forever more
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