All I Ever Really Wanted

(Verse 1)
Searching for a lifetime for something to satisfy
Paid a lot of prices and so many nights I cried
In my time of desperation, came this simple revelation, that was
All I ever really wanted was You

(Verse 2)
Thought I wanted money and I thought I wanted fame
THought it would fulfill me, that's until it finally came
Then I sweetly heard You beckon me and it only took one second to see
All I ever really wanted was You

There were times I didn't know what I was to do
I didn't know what to think of You
Then I turned around and found You were there all the time
I didn't know what or where to go
I didn't know what I was to know
Then You loved me 'til You loved me to the truth
You loved me right to You

(Verse 3)
If there were a moral to the things that I have learned
It would be to follow love every move and every turn
And the time of second chances,
What I found at second glances
Is that all I ever really wanted was You.
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