Verse 1
Come now and see this mystery.
Remove your shoes, bow down,
where you stand right now is holy ground.
The fire burns, sit at my feet and learn,
as I reveal my plan, and I tell you who I am.

I Am, I Am,
I'm the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

I Am, I Am,
and I've chosen you to set my people free;
go now and set them free.

Verse 2
Some will not hear, others will fear,
because the enemy has said
before I let them go I'd rather see them dead.
But in that hour, I will reveal My power through you,
so that all may see and when they ask you,
tell them what you know of Me.


I give you heaven's edge
and I give you privilege,
where others know My works,
you will know My plan.

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