Todo mundo é uma ilha Tradução

Engenheiros do Hawaii - Longe Demais das Capitais
Do not take me seriously, do not get me wrong
take me home
I am a good guy, I just drank too much
need to go home

You came to me, I wanted to say
not worth it
You did not listen, you accused me
of doing the scene

Do not get me wrong, but I'm not cool
want to be alone
I'm a nice guy, but I'm not able
follow your path

You do not know what I feel
You do not know who I am
We entered a maze
I danced, you danced
Now it no longer is hopeless
now has no outlet

In the end, we pretend
that this is part of life

I fell, you fell into a trap
We try to forget
everybody is an island

Now it is night, no longer makes sense
be deluding themselves
In the end we pretend
that the world is falling


I danced, you danced

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