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Exaltasamba - Na Ilha da Magia - Ao Vivo
When the heart of people say that there's more
No use to despair, cry, cry
If you want to believe or not does not matter,
I'm already in the footprint on the track ready to attack

When you had you never wanted to give me value
You remember how I lived behind you
What a disappointment because you were my first love
It was now I learned and I'll beat you

Do not want to suffer like I was!
You did very wrong for me was!
It is good for you to learn
If you do so, as it did to me again you will hear (2x)

I gave me not the most!
I just want to enjoy the time I left behind
Gave me not the most!
I'm tired of being the good boy (2x)

I went, I went

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