The Garden Of Bleeding (Letra)
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Viscerated bodies
planted deep beneath the earth
They fertilize the soil
and feed for all they?re worth
Within the garden
of unearthly delights
True meaning of horror?s found
and hell?s within our sights

He plants the seeds
The germinate
Black misdeeds, they pollinate
Within the garden of bleeding?s
where the devil waits
to introduce you to your fate

Endless orchards dot the land
of corpses up on spikes
Beauty?s in the eye of the
beheaded on a pike
Bathed in lakes of fire
until a cinder?s what remains
The stench of death it makes
the flowers bloom in his domain


Bodies hang from branches
like grapes hang from the vine
Garlands made of human flesh
they decorate his shrine
On the wind and through the trees,
the cries of suffering
For this is the garden
of the king of the unclean

da Música (The Garden Of Bleeding)

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