A gaita do falecido

When I die do not cry, nor crying
Well I do not want the sadness to go with me
Take my harmonica to me is worth a treasure
And they playing until my last refuge

When you reach the door of the cemetery
I know the doorman will not let playing
Until then have done as I want
Drop the harmonica and may continue praying

My harmonica'll leave as a souvenir
Pra some of the children who have the vocation
I just do not want it in the hands of children
Walking by the bank or rolling on the floor

To my wife I'll leave a request
That perhaps me remember
If you happen to get another husband
In my harmonica is not to let play

There is jealousy is nothing is not intrigue
I do not care after I die
I just do not want the evil never say
I was the harmonica and the late muié
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