Castrate The Redeemer (Letra)
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Magnificent sight of the nigrescent horizon
Of stars that weep the death of their creator
With blood I stain my soul which lives encased
Within the enclaves of his fiery domain

Castrate the Redeemer

The apostles torture the nearing messiah
A celestial orgy of traitor angels
Devours the heavenly sworn entities
The seventh mystery has been unlocked

Castrate the Redeemer

Grand Belial sent me his soldiers as
The strongest angels of the feeble one
Tried to halt the sickest of onslaughts
Tears flood the wingless slaves of the King

Lucifer taught me the life of those times
When I stitched the scars of my pact with God
I then savoured the Virgin Mary's pessary
As I watched the birthing of the false prophet

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