Savouring The Virgin's Pessary

Savouring The Virgin's Pessary (Letra)
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On earth the slut was fouled by the Demonarch
Punishment for pursuing her phallic joys
Under the glory of the Hebrew saviour
For eternal holyness and the gay love of God

Savouring the Virgin's Pessary

Within the carved symbols of despair
The sacred name of Jesus is vilified
All saintly battles have ended in defeat
Helltroops inflict agonizing wounds

The hymen skin has been chewed and torn
Black worms feast on her sacredness
Her life obtained from the heavenly skies
Her death obtained from the burning lake

Savouring the Virgin's Pessary

Lamentable slaughter of monastic beggars
For the years I lived persecuted
Condemned to worship the patriarch

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