Sumerian Fairytale (Letra)
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Beckon the burning sands of the universe
The ancient ones ruled before time itself
Commanding the winds, fire, waters and earth
Until they were challenged by the god Marduk

Blessed Tiamat release this bind
Thou mustn't prevent a kingdom in Hell!
Lower magicians, gather fast thy might!

Hordes of Azazel and Azagthoth
Stir the sick waters of the bay of souls
Invoke the darkness and spirit mayhem!

Lourdes of the underworld
Raise furious upheaval
Attack the prince of the heavens
And cast his corpse into black abyss!
Father mictian admit our sons
Into this precious land
For they gave us life and gave us food
And so a throne comes from our doom
Reap some magick: Call forth the ghouls!

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