The Tenderhearted's Manifesto

The Tenderhearted's Manifesto (Letra)
Compositor: inserir
Sowing the black seed in the field of the world
He journeyed deep into the desert's darkness
To consume hallucinogens for his ill charades
Bread of stones is the lie of the tempted

With his baptized dick the son of pork played
Alone with drugs he lived for over 40 days
He fasted not for the sake of temptation
Nomadic urges controlled the junkie's life

The fig tree stood dead taunting Judaea
Into timeless famine the pale horse fell
The inseparability of judeo-christianity
Permitted the corruption of man

An inverted cross is hewed on his face

Christ, faggot, fondler of manhood
Christ, faggot, fondler of manhood

The river of Jordan, a cesspool of scabs
Lord almighty prays for the cleansing
And purification of his intruded anus

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