The Tricifixion Of Swine

The Tricifixion Of Swine (Letra)
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Awkward passage to Asgard's halls
Illuminated by the cartilage of saints
Portions of the past rekindled
Constructing the final chapter of the saga

God fell to his weak knees
The weight of the wooded icon was unbereable
He glanced at the laughing crowd
One final prayer for ill tempered heretics

The tricifixion of swine

Townsfolk sought justice through the hammer
The Jew slave was pinned up for display
Red win dripped down his virulent spine
Angelic powers rendered useless

The tricifixion of swine

No reason to dig him a grave
An honorless Hebrew deserves not a pyre
He possessed none of the elegiac magnificence
That breeds among the neo-paganists

It was the tricifixion of swine

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