Scumbag (Letra)
Compositor: Mike Dirnt (letra)
You come around every now and then
Your clothes are different,
but you're still the same
Why else would you come here?
Scumbag on a mission

You're telling me it's been a while
Shinning a grin and a brand new life
Somebody let you come here
Scumbag with permission

Never though I'd see the like of you around this place
What's the special occasion?
Did you run outta friends?

Here you are, come around again
Things are different butcha still pretend
You gotta reason to come here?
Scumbag with ambission

And, you're telling me, things will change
And you'll be leaving in a couple days
You're gonna change the world someday
Scumbag with a vision

It must be nice to know you got it all figured out
From the wear of sin
It's the same thing again and again

You've never stopped and thinked
before you opened up your mouth.
'Cause, everytime you do,
It's the same thing again and again

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