Before The Dawn (Letra)
Compositores: Amelia Brightman (letra) , Jan-Eric Kohrs (letra) , Carsten Heusmann (letra)
See the man on the corner standing
Raises his hand implores for silence
He calls to the sun
He calls to the moon
He folds his mind into a distant land

But the chaos continue there around
The city streets
Like the paper that burns it
Consumes all
The gray and the desperation
Mingle into tears
But the world that is passing cannot
Hear his call

So the words that he speaks
Become the life
Held in his calloused hands
And given to those who would cry
To pull them away from the cold and
The rain
Take them out of the night
Into the day

Beat now
The hearts that are still
And watch as the day passes on
Beat now
The hearts that are still
Before the dawn comes
Beat now
The hearts that are still
Rise as the day passes on
Beat now
Then I'll reveal
The place we belong

Watch as in slow motion falling
The people return to their innocence
A touch of the hand, a sign in the eye
As the torrent falls for a
Moment they disappear

And their bodies are twisted
By the mould
Of their secret lives
Desires they would always conceal
For a second the numbness falls away
Pulse comes to their eyes
Out of the night into the day

da Música (Before The Dawn)

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