Samba Enredo 2000 - Envergo, mas não quebro

There I go
With the Estacio de Sa Avenue
Red and white to color their carnival
Rock the Sapucaí
I am the most beautiful plant
That the cultivated, with love
Different, so beautiful
And the hand of man fashioned

I am the spear of India to hunt
The kite is at the top, comes to play
In the camp I go to gladden
I decorate

And in Japan the tea ceremony I am
Bringing peace to the inside
Balance and harmony
The Taj Mahal, the temple of love
Brother of man I am
In joy or in sorrow
Oya, Oya ôôô I did the scene of their offerings
Oh The splendor!
In the decor gave a nice touch
In cooking flavor seduced
My sound will echo, echo

I nodded but did not fall
Envergo, but not break, that's great!
I turned my story, my life is history
And this poetry carnival
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