Reza de Bebum

Santa cane that is in the field
Purified be thy name
Come nois your asset
Marc unmixed
To come drink our will
So in the tavern as anywhere
5 liters per Give us this day
Forgive the day that we drink less
As noi forgive me the evil that is nóis
Deliver to is stunned and Radio Patrol
You can drink that does not hurt anybody
Then you drink another glass then pray the creed

I believe in subitilidade gulp
Every product of sugar cane and rum
I believe in the spirit that is our food
Was conceived by tightening the mill
Was poured into the trough to the 3rd day
Rose from the bottle
Up to the roof of the mouth of cachaçero stick water
A barrel corked and He will come to cheer and great
I believe in the spirit of 40th grade
The holy season of honey
In reporting the tax
In remission without penalty
And in the aftermath of all nóis
Amen You can also drink that's bad for niguém
And this is the creed of our father and drunkard
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