Laço da Saudade

Open the door and I open the door
Opens the portra I'm getting now
Vim tied by the bond of nostalgia
And this tightening in my burrão spur
I left home to lead a herd
For a pedestrian to survive
And traveling in broken broken
I saw the beautiful cover of night fall
I stopped the cattle and desarriei the troops
But the effort would not let me eat
I lay on the hammock but when I saw the moon
I lost sleep over missing you

The birds made me serenade
And the stars took over the herd
A urutal there shouting distance
It stood there in a pawn break
The nighthawks sang all night
Asked me to hold the cattle on the road
And the serene when I poured on his face
Was crying the sky at dawn

I found many flowers in the path
Neither cattle nor the troops not stepped
Because I saw a button on a rosebush
A beautiful picture of you my great love
My fate will not let me de arriba
Because nostalgia is your pielador
I brought dust and a handful of cancase
And for you a beautiful bouquet of flower
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