Fine Fine Lady

Fine Fine Lady (Letra)
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I'm that simply kind of fellow
This love will never do wrong
When it comes down to loving
To show you
Where you've got to be strong

And I know
Been through many changes
Trying to keep
Your love alive
Through all the pain
And heartache
I'm not the guy
You look behind
Baby, hi

Cause you're a fine, fine lady
It's me
That's gonna love you forever
Cause you're a fine fine lady
The only love is us together

Don't know
The pain that you're feeling
Couldn't really understand
I'm here to let you know girl
I'll always be here as a friend

Don't you see girl
I'm not trying to change you
It's coming straight
From the heart
We shall love again
I need you girl
Right here in my arms

(Chorus 2x)

I just can't stop this feeling
It's down deep in my heart
You're the one I adore baby
And I'll never
Let it fall apart

You know I love you
Let's do this any time
Let's do it right
I'm here all along you see
I just wanna love you
For the rest of my life

So please baby
Let me love you


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