Who's Loving You Now

Who's Loving You Now (Letra)
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You know
It's been a long time
I wanna know
What you've been doing
Used to be mine
Told me goodbye
While I begged you to stay

Do you wanna live another day
I couldn't face the world alone
I have found someone
Who showed me that day

I wanna know
When the day's on you
I wanna know
Are you happy
With what you do
Where do you go
Where do you go
Right now
Who's loving you now

Oh, baby

Oh, no
I'm not rubbing it in
I wanna know
How you've been feeling
Were more than my friend
That's what you said girl
Why did you break my heart

I really thought
That I would fall apart
I couldn't pick
The pieces up
But I fell in love
Now I've got another start

(Chorus 2x)

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