Deliver Me

Well I guess I should rewind to the beginning
Where the undertow had carried me so far
Far away from all the hope that I was feeling
Because I've lost out
When I wonder where we are
And I know the only way that I could get back
Was to sentence all this pride to go away
Take it to the post and mark return to sender
And refuse it if it comes again someday

Oh Jesus
Deliver me
Deliver me
Oh Jesus lord
Rescue me
Rescue me

I don't want to trade what's important to me
For a dose of the poison that brings misery
So many times when I deny I hear the rooster
When I compromise my faith
It gets me down
But in my weakness God is stronger
He's forgiveness
When I do the things I hate
Grace surrounds
I'm blowing a kiss goodbye to yesterday
Throwing it far away
Just to be closer to you
The wall around this heart has fallen away
Surrender is what I pray
Just to be closer to you
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