O Rancho Da Goiabada Tradução

João Bosco - Galos de Briga

The buoys - when cold take some booze

Amazing sadness
Dream, with the horse steak, potato chips
And dessert
D7 Gm Dm
It guava, with a lot of cheese, then coffee
E7 B7
Cigarette and a kiss from a mulatto named
Dm D 50 51 52
Leonor, or Dagmar
Amar, a transistor radio to an alligator cooker pot
B7 Em
Sunday at the bar, where so many similar congregate
A7 Dm
Telling lies so that he can stand there,

Parents are saints, sticks macaw, are dancers
D A7 D Are flagellates, are pendants, clerks
B7 Em
Clowns, Martians, cannibals, lilies freaks
GG # º
Dancing, sleeping with open eyes
DA # 7
In the shadow of allegory
A7 Dm
Of embalmed pharaohs

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