Eternal Flame

Eternal Flame (Letra)
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There was a small light shape looking down at me
she kept on asking "where do you wanna be?"
I thought about it and I told her to wait
she said "it's okay, but don't wait too long"
I cried "what if I can't make up my mind?"
she said "into the fire you go into eternal flames, into the fire, into the eternal fire"
Suddenly, there was a big black shape
it came to me and said "come on let's go"
I said "wait a minute you can't do this to me"
he looked back and said "oh, too late"
I've waited to long and I'm dying
into the fire I go, into the eternal flame
into the fire, into the eternal flame
I am dreaming, all of the emotion is gone and I have to go
into the eternal flame, into the fire I go, into eternal flame


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