Over And Done

Over And Done (Letra)
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You have to understand the reason why i have to leave you behind
I'm trapped in this world of confusion, but i ain't gonna loose my mind
I ain't gonna feel no sorrow, for the things i've said and done
So give me one good reason, why i should be hanging around
You push me to the limit, baby, stop wasting my time
Now it's over and done, now it's over and done, yeah, yeah…

Now you keep on knocking on my door, why won't you leave me alone
Why you still begging for more, don't you know you're in a danger zone
Why can't you find a solution, 'cause we ain't gonna be no more
Now you're running into trouble, like so many times before
You push me to the limit, baby, look what you've become

Now it's over and done
When the sun goes down, and the night will show you the meaning
'cause the time has come, now it's over and done
Over and done, yeah, yeah, hey, all right…

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