Stranger (Letra)
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Hello, pretty stranger
Can i sit here for awhile?
You know i'm kinda tired & lonesome
Seems like i've been ten thousand miles
Just want to talk to you awhile

You know i'm not sure where i'm goin'
But i can tell you where i've been
But i guess it really doesn't matter
Cuz i'm just lookin' for a friend
No, i might not pass this way again

Got no time, now for thinkin'
Got no time to wonder why
But i got time for one more great day
And i got time to say goodbye
Yes i can make it if i try

It's gettin' late, guess i'll be goin'
I hope i didn't bring you down
Oh yes, i can come up for a minute
If you don't mind me hangin' round
Cuz i'm a stranger here in town
Yes i'm a stranger in your town
Yes i'm a stranger here in town

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