Moleque Atrevido Tradução

Jorge Aragão - Jorge Aragão Ao Vivo Convida
Who's talking
I'm not a cheeky boy
I gained my reputation tightrope
Samba de roda
Glad to know
What did the music, please
Respect who can reach
Where we arrived
We are also the front line
this history
We are the time of the samba
No money, no glory
There is no question talent
But his argument, do me the favor
Respect who can reach
where we arrived
And we got very well
Not to discredit anyone
Facing the chest with prejudices
and much disdain
Nowadays it is easy to say
That this music is our root
Of people's snowing
speaking about samba and do not know what it says
so there you see your step
Respect the shirt that we sweat
Respect who can get where we arrived
And when you step into the yard
Look first to know who I am
Respect who can get where we arrived
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