Find You On My Knees

Find You On My Knees (Letra)
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Trouble chasing me again
Breaking down my best defense
I´m looking
God i´m looking for your

Weary just won´t let me rest
And fear is filling up my head
I'm longing
God i´m longing for you
But i will

Find you in the place i´m in
Find you when i´m at my end
Find you when there's
Nothing left of me to offer you
Except for brokenness

You lift me up
You never leave me thirsty
When i am weak
When i´m lost and searching
I find you on my knees

So what if sorrow shakes my faith
What if heartache still remains
I'll trust you
My god i´ll trust you
'cause you are faithful
And i will

When my hope is gone
When the fear is strong
When the pain is real
When it's hard to heal.

When my faith is shaken
And my heart is broken
And my joy is stolen
God i know that you lift me up
You never leave me searching.

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