Por Que No Volveran? Tradução

Laura Pausini - Laura Pausini
Every time fall away more principles, more wars
how many times your mother will not know what will
Two girls who look full of joy
proving the jacket of his father
as soon as quickly changed his life
like a river overflowing and speak of love in a corner

Why not again?
That freedom
and the loads of a few years
Why not again?
I do not know where they are
do not know where he following

Two sisters who conspire as good friends
are two souls who never shared reality
one night with the moon, which bad fortune
felt two mermaids in the wind screamed his sentence

Why not again?
The complicity
And the confessions after all
Why not again?
Do not know where they are

I remember not console when I try to go back to see them

Por qu ~ and not come back?
The songs
In the shower I sang with a voice shouting
Why not again?
Do not know where
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