A Fonte Tradução

Legião Urbana - O Descobrimento Do Brasil
What is wrong with me
I can not find shelter
My country is the enemy camp
And you pretend that sees but does not see

Wash your hands that is on your doorstep that will hit
But before you will see your small children bringing news

How many children were killed this time?
Do not do unto others what you do not want
What is done with you
You pretend not to see, and it gives you cancer

I do not know what I'm capable
Hope your sheets smell of sickness
And see that the source'm miles ahead

I celebrate every day
My life and my friends
I believe in myself
And keep clean

You think you know
But do not you see that evil is prejudice
What's wrong with me?
I know nothing and keep clean

Beside the white cypress
To the left of the entrance to hell
Is the source of oblivion
Go even further, do not drink this water
I arrive at the lake in memory
What is pure and fresh water
And say to the keepers of the entry
"I am the son of Earth and Heaven"

Give me to drink, I have an endless thirst
Look into my eyes, I am the man-torch
Get me out of this shame, release me from this guilt
I start this hate, gets rid of that fear

Look into my eyes, I am the man-torch
And this is a love song
And this is a love song
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