Há Tempos Tradução

Legião Urbana - As Quatro Estações
It looks like cocaine
But it's just sad
Maybe your city
Many fears are born
Of fatigue and loneliness
Mismatches, waste
Heirs are now
The reason we lost

Some time ago I had a dream
I do not remember, I do not remember

Your grief is so accurate
And now the day is so beautiful
We are already accustomed
The no longer have even that

Dreams come and dreams go
And the rest is imperfect

You said that your voice
Have equal strength
In the immense pain you feel
Your wake up crying
Not only is your house
But the whole neighborhood

And long
Neither the saints have for sure
The measure of wickedness
And there are times people
What sick
And long
The charm is missing
And there's rust in smiles
Only luck extends his arms
Who demand
Shelter and protection

My love!
Discipline is freedom
Compassion is strength
Having kindness is the courage (she said)
At home we have a well
But the water is very clean

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