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Legião Urbana - O Descobrimento Do Brasil
Let's celebrate
The human stupidity
The stupidity of all nations
My country and his gang
The killers
Cowards, rapists
And thieves ...

Let's celebrate
The stupidity of the people
Our police and television
Let's celebrate our government
And our state is not the nation ...

Celebrating youth without schools
The dead children
Celebrating our disunity ...

Let's celebrate Eros and Thanatos
Persephone and Hades
Let's celebrate our sorrow
Let's celebrate our vanity ...

Let's celebrate like idiots
Every February and holiday
All road deaths
The dead from lack
Hospitals ...

Let's celebrate our righteousness
Greed and defamation
Let's celebrate the prejudices
The vote of the illiterate
Celebrate the putrid water
And all taxes
Burned, lies
And kidnapping ...

Our castle
Marked cards
Slave labor
Our little universe
All hypocrisy
And all affectation
All robbery and indifference
Let's celebrate epidemics
It's party crowd champion ...

Let us celebrate the hungry
Do not listen to those who have
Who do not have loving
We feed what is evil
Let's hurt the heart ...

Let's celebrate our flag
Our past
The glorious absurdities
Everything is free and ugly
All that is normal
Let's sing together
The national anthem
The tears are real
Let's celebrate our longing
Celebrate our loneliness ...

Let's celebrate the envy
The misunderstanding
Let's party violence
And forget our people
Who worked honestly
The lifetime
And now no more
Right to anything ...

Let's celebrate the aberration
Throughout our lack
Our disregard for education
Let's celebrate the horror
From all this
With party, funeral and coffin
It's all dead and buried now
Since we can also conclude
The stupidity of those who sang
That song ...

Come on!
My heart's in a hurry
When hope is dispersed
Only the truth sets me free
Enough of evil and delusion
Come on!
Love always has the door open
And spring is coming
Our future resumes
Come on!
What comes is Perfection! ...
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