Sereníssima Tradução

Legião Urbana - Acústico MTV

I am an animal sentimental
I cling to that easily arouse my desire
Try to force me to do what I dont want todo
And you'll soon see what happens
I think I understand what you meant to say
But there are other things

I got my balance courting insanity
All is lost but there are possibilities
We had the idea, but you changed the plans
We had a plan, you changed the idea
It is past is past - maybe another day

Before, I was dreaming, now do not sleep
When did you first compete?
What nobody realizes is that everybody knows
I do not understand terrorism, we spoke of friendship

I'm no more interested in what I feel
I do not believe in anything beyond that I doubt
You expect answers that I don't have no more
I will not fight for it
So think twice if you want to stay

My orange green, why are you so silver?
It was the moon that night, the calm of the morning
I have a silly grin, like hiccups
While the chaos goes on
With all the calm of the world

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